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Loading a Car Trailer

Every car enthusiast’s worst nightmare is damaging their vehicle during transport. There’s just so much that can go wrong even when you do everything right. A poorly loaded car can mean damage for it, your trailer, tow vehicle, and even you and those around you. Even though there are many different types of vehicles out there as well as many different trailers, this doesn’t mean that the process of loading and transporting isn’t similar. On the contrary, there are some basic rules that you can rely on for transporting vehicles of any size and type. You just need to follow the advice below and carefully complete each step to ensure you and your vehicle will be safe from harm.


Here at Vistos Trailers, we understand it can be a bit frustrating figuring out how to hitch and load a trailer of any kind, let alone a car hauler! Keeping your equipment in good condition and operating is utmost on our minds, so we’ve put together this short guide to loading your car hauler. Read on for some tips and tricks and when you’re ready call, or head into our showroom in North Dakota. Our team of knowledgeable and courteous professionals will help you find what you need and answer all your questions.

Prepare Your Trailer and Towing Vehicle

First you gotta get your hauling equipment ready. That means parking your vehicle and trailer in-line with each other on level ground to make it as easy as possible. Once you got things lined up, turn off your engine and engage the parking brake. Hitch up the trailer as you normally would, ensuring safety chains, electronic hookups, and the hitch are all where they need to be.

Loading the Trailer

Car-specific trailers should have a couple heavy duty ramps that pull out from the rear. Once you have them out and secure, line up the vehicle you intend to load from behind. It’s best to get some help for this part, having an assistant stand back and keep you on track. No one should stand between the car and trailer while loading! After you line up the car, drive up the ramp slowly, avoiding turning the wheel, until no part of the car is hanging over the back or front of the trailer. Most trailers will have just enough room, so keep things slow and steady!

Secure the Cargo

From there, engage the safety brake and turn off the car. Secure it with fasteners and security chains. Move each strap ratchet left or right to align it with the center of the tire and position the straps up and over the front tires to make sure they’re centered. Fasteners should be taut, while chains should have a bit of slack. Now you can stow the ramp and drive a short distance in order to make sure everything is nice and secure.

With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be loading and hauling your car in no time with the confidence of a pro. Remember that your owner’s manual will have more specific information for your tow vehicle, trailer, and car. For more information on loading car haulers, head to Vistos Trailers, where we have the best selection of new and used trailers and trailers and car haulers around. We’re located in West Fargo ND. Come in today and we’ll show you the true meaning of customer satisfaction!