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Canadian Customers

Welcome Canadian Friends

Thank you for considering Visto’s Trailer Sales for your next trailer purchase.

With two locations a short distance away from the Canadian border rest assured we have the experience in selling to Canadian customers and will be able to work with you throughout the buying process to get your new trailer across the border.

As you view our website, please note that all of our prices are listed in U.S. Dollars. Now be prepared to save thousands of dollars on your next trailer!

With the majority of trailers being built in the United States and imported into Canada to your local dealers while accumulating broker fees and high freight rates, why not skip that process and buy direct from the US without the long drive. With being only 150 miles from the nearest border crossing and Fargo being a shopping destination make a weekend out of it and come check us out.

What is the process to get across the border?

Many websites state that there is a 72 hour wait period before you reach the border with a vehicle. This is only true if the vehicle is a motorized vehicle such as a car, pickup, motorhome, etc. A non motorized vehicle such as a trailer or toy hauler has no 72 hour waiting period to cross the border. You can purchase a trailer and travel directly to the border. It is a good idea to have a passport when traveling into the United States.

Below is a list of items that we will provide you with to import your new trailer into Canada. We will provide you with all paperwork necessary to import your unit across the Canadian Border

  • Purchase Order with all information needed including a VIN number
  • Manufacture Statement of Origin (MCO)
  • 30 day drive out permit (Good on ND and Canadian Roads)
  • Letter of no recall (If requested)

Items you will need to take care of before and after the purchase

  • Get insurance before picking up your new trailer
  • Be aware of fees to be paid at the border (All fees are the customers responsibility including GST and PST)
  • Before you can register your new trailer you will need to get it safetied. Canadian Tire is one of the facilities that does this.

How does Visto’s Trailer Sales Handle Payment?

A 10% deposit is required for any new unit to be put on hold while you arrange pickup. This can be done with any major credit card. All deposits are non refundable.

Final Payment
As we are required to send you with the MSO in hand at time of delivery we do require either cash or a certified check as payment. If you choose to pay by Wire this must be done 7 business days prior to taking delivery of your unit.